Getting on the riders’ backs is definitely not helping

Speedway action shot by Andy Garner
Speedway action shot by Andy Garner
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Firstly I just want to start by congratulating the winners of last week’s Pow UK Simon Stead Racing T-shirt competition.

The response on Twitter was great and we’ll be doing a few more throughout the season, so keep an eye out in this Star column and online.

To the task in hand now, though, and this week has been a real turning point for me.

I’m making really good progress with my hand and shoulder injuries and I must say a huge thank you to Alan at the Holmfirth Sports Injury Clinic for giving me the best possible opportunity to be back racing tomorrow night when we face Berwick at Owlerton – hope to see you down there!

Sitting on the sidelines has given me the opportunity, as captain, to analyse the team and I’m only too aware that the team is not performing to its full potential. Quite obviously that is not something that I want, the rest of the riders want, the fans want or the management want but I don’t believe that getting on the riders’ backs is the way forward.

Having been there myself there is nothing worse than knowing that you are letting people down, although I can fully understand the frustrations felt by Tigers fans. We all need to stick together to try and turn things around, and the fans play a huge part in that.

As captain it’s my job to pick the team up now and re-focus everybody, and I’ve been working on ways I believe I can do that. The team needs re-energising and I’ve taken some inspiration from some of the great captains I’ve been fortunate enough to ride under. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to get the guys together and we’ll see an upturn in form very soon.

Finally, I can’t pass without mentioning the British Grand Prix which took place in Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium this weekend. I had planned to go but decided not to in the end, my sole focus was trying to get myself fit and I just think it would have been wrong to go down there.

It was a great event though, it really is British speedway’s flagship event and it’s awesome to see 40,000 speedway fans all come together under one roof. It’s a weekend where everyone associated with speedway in Britain can be proud, it’s just a huge shame that our own Tai Woffinden had his night ended early with injury.

I’d like to wish Tai well for a speedy recovery from his broken collarbone and hope he’s back on the world title trail soon. Finally, thanks again for your support and I look forward to seeing you all down at Owlerton tomorrow night.