Getting lost in the maize

The Maize Maze
The Maize Maze
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We’re well and truly lost - and that’s exactly the point!

We’re at The Maize Maze in Cawthorne; our only view is the 8ft-tall green stalks set against the beautiful blue sky, and the only sound is Imogen’s giggles. We never miss a visit here during the summer months, and we’ve spent the last hour or so meandering through the pretty maze, trying to find our bearings...which is much harder since we’ve put the three -year-old in charge of the map-reading!

Every now and then we pass someone coming in the opposite direction and there’s a cheeky look that passes between us, and we know we’re all thinking the same thing - are you going the wrong way, or are we?

When we finally find our way out, there’s a farmer’s field full of fun activities to try our hand at before we call it a day. The Maize Maze experience is open October 1.