Get tough on all the rioters

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The riots are unacceptable, so what do we do?

We should give police additional help from the army and unlimited powers to stop these thugs at any cost.

Even the ones aged under 12 should get the same treatment. Do away with their human rights.

Those arrested should be made to pay huge costs towards clean ups etc. Their families should also pay. If it means taking all their belongings, including cars and property, empty their bank accounts!

Make use of any unused warehouses and convert to mini prisons without TV or computers. Let the army keep them under control.

Any who have only been in this country a few years, they and their family should be deported to their country of origin. Then we can take hold and control the others.

The thugs (animals) say they have nothing to do and no money. How come they have designer gear and some have expensive bikes?

There is more to do now than ever before. I bet their parents just spend money on booze, fags and, in some cases, drugs.

There is no excuse for what these scum are doing.

Why should my hard-earned wages and taxes pamper these families?

It’s time we got real and people conformed to society: work hard and pay their way instead of scrounging and thieving. Those who don’t want this should be kicked out of the country. Stop overseas aid by 90 per cent and get people here working and paying their way.

As for poverty in Britain, what poverty? Poverty is no water, no electricity, no shoes and living in tin shacks. Kids here have phones, computers, designer clothes and some sort of decent roof over their heads.

Many families who cry poverty should get off their backsides and try working and helping themselves instead of relying on others to do it for them. They should get their priorities in order, pay their way and be responsible.

DKM ,Sheffield