Get together to cut your bills

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NEARLY two thirds of Brits – 61 per cent – are more worried about their household bills than they were this time last year, but are doing nothing about it.

But assertiveness paid off for the few who made demands, with a staggering 81 per cent of mobile phone customers and 72 per cent of energy users getting a discount when they asked for it.

In addition, research also found businesses regularly achieve discounts on utilities and telecoms of up to 35 per cent through bulk buying power, better market information and skilled negotiators.

John Evans, of group buying site Incahoot, said they aimed to negotiate deals for members normally reserved for big businesses.

Incahoot claims members have access to a home broadband service 15 per cent cheaper than any other in the UK, the best value monthly tariff for mobile phones in the monthly contract market, and an energy deal which saves households up to £130 on their annual bill.