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Plans for an M! service station at Smithy Wood have stirred up controversy
Plans for an M! service station at Smithy Wood have stirred up controversy
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I feel I must respond to Colin Taylor’s letter in The Star.

My first observation is if Mick Gethin was against the motorway service station, then Colin Taylor would be for it.

Before putting pen to paper he should get his facts right. His comments with reference to the parish council meeting the extra presentation was an agenda item and therefore was publicised.

The statement he makes that the members of the public may wish to hear what Extra have to say and that Extra are not engaging with them is misleading.

I have attended several meetings to which the people, (for and against), were invited and attended and all have been able to put their views across.

Unlike the public meeting where anyone in favour of the service station were shouted down and not given the courtesy to put their points of view across or be heard.

He says that the service station is not needed. Again, I think he should check his facts.

Maybe he has not travelled down the M18 and tried to join the M1 at peak time or otherwise he would know that many people use this route. He also should check with the Road Haulage Association who will tell you that many HGV drivers pull into Woodall Services only to find there are no parking places and they do not have enough driving time available to travel to Woolley.

As for Colin Taylor’s statement that Extra will be destroying ancient woodland, if he has visited the site he will have found that a large part of the woodland has already been destroyed by quad bikes, 4x4s and track bikes and has not been managed properly.

Extra are committed to manage all the woodland, including all the other ancient woodlands from Smithy Woods to Westwood and therefore preserving woodlands not destroying it.

Barrie Bellamy

High Green Development Trust