Get the seats cleaned up

Just what are the new units for on the Moor? Surely not more coffee shops. Don't we have enough already and where's the new businesses that are fighting each other off with sticks?

Monday, 28th November 2016, 8:47 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 3:37 pm

What have we got? Anne Summers is the kind of shop where business is done online as the lack of customers in the store shows.

Also another mobile phone shop has popped up, then there’s the gym, another much needed outlet.

It seems to me that the council just don’t care what kind of business opens up as long as it fills the units.

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It looks like plans are afoot to clear the lower High Street of stores with the whisper of Primark being turned into a hotel.

Just how many do we need in the city centre?

Then we look at Fitzallan Square. What a horrible mess that is, betting shops, empty shops plus alcoholics frequenting the place.

Other cities make full use of the potential of their squares but not Sheffield, it’s just left it go to rack and ruin over many years of it being on the slide.

One thing I saw today on TV was an old chap from Manchester pointing out that there isn’t anywhere in Manchester city centre for any old person to sit, because of their age and infirmity.

Now The Moor up to Fargate and around Eyre Street are awash with seating which is great, but again I have to point out that they are never washed and never have been since they were placed there.

Whoever is in charge of these seats, just get them cleaned.

The Green Giant