Get rid of dead wood after this farce

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Now that Sheffield City Council has severed ties with Hammerson over the delayed Sevenstone project let’s get rid of the dead wood, starting with John Mothersole and the council’s senior planners.

The decision to end this farce has been made, I am sure, as a result of public opinion in The Star rather than logical thinking from the planners.

These are the people who have dragged this on for eight years with nothing to show at the end.

The £32,000, that funded the fight to keep Next out of Sheffield, should be deducted from any redundancy package they receive, instead of it costing Sheffield council taxpayers.

We need to employ people who will give investors in Sheffield confidence that after their initial investment they will not also have to put aside money to cover the legal fees for an appeal.

Malcolm Benn

Stannington Road, S6