Get rid of blood suckers

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The Conservative Government continue to persecute the poorest members of our community by their proposal to cut working tax credit.

David Cameron attempted to convince us all during his key speech during the Conservative conference by saying his party were the party of the working class, while plottting to lay waste the finances of many of the poorest families in our community.

He really must think we are all stupid.

It’s time we all realised that his party continue to ensure the working people continue to fund the lifestyles of the privileged few such as him and his elite colleagues.

Wake up everyone, we are still nothing but fodder for their mill!

There are more of us, if we stick together we can change the current status quo!

So stand up for your fellow working man and let’s get rid of this bunch of bloodsuckers once and for all!

Cheryl Welsted

Bonet Lane, S60