Get real on immigration

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So net migration is over 300,000.

It’s about time we closed our borders.

We never learn. People should have taken more notice of Nigel Farage. A lot of what he says is correct.

We have almost two million unemployed, yet we let thousands into the UK.

The Government says they have created two million jobs, well how come two million are not working.

We need to get our people working and get a work ethic back.

If the NHS require staff, take them off the dole, if they don’t accept work, stop benefits. The same applies to other jobs.

Also, our country’s infrastructure can’t take any more.

For example more houses required equals more roads, more cars, more public transport, more water and power and gas.

Schools are struggling,our kids in some cases have to do what migrants need and not the other way round, as it should be.

This city, a city of sanctuary along with rest of UK, what a complete waste.

It’s time to get real, look after our own first.

Check out Page Hall, Burngreave, Darnall, Tinsley etc. These areas are a disgrace.

We should have a points-based system, like Australia.

Only let people in who have a job to go to, have their own house, have medical insurance and no criminal record.

They must be able to look after themselves when they arrive here.

It is time to get real.