Get ready to be inspired

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IF you look at young people and see potential trouble-causers, be prepared for a revelation and to be inspired! For today’s copy of The Star comes with page after page of inspirational stories about today’s youngsters.

It is a supplement to accompany our search for our Star Superkids of 2012.

Each year we appeal to readers to tell us about children from our area who deserve one of our awards, which cover everything from excellence in sport or music and the performing arts to bravery in the face of adversity or outstanding performance in education.

And each year we have been amazed at the heart-warming stories which came our way, of brave, talented and caring young people who show that the stereotypical view of children today could not be further from the down-to-earth truth.

This year has been even better, with a record number of entries for the awards – and another host of moving stories showing that our region’s children have hearts of gold.

Like us, we hope you are looking forward to the final steps in this process as the Star Superkids of 2012 are revealed. We can’t wait!

Seek fresh and urgent guidance

AFTER last week’s ballot box wake-up call, David Cameron has admitted that he will respond to the ‘loud and clear’ message delivered by voters.

We hope so, particularly in regard to the loud and very clear message coming from Britain’s manufacturing sector who feel they are being let down by the Government.

A survey by British Made For Quality, an alliance which campaigns for British firms to make more components currently being manufactured offshore, shows that nine out of 10 firms feel they do not get enough Government support, nor did they get the chance to apply for any Whitehall grants.

This paints a particularly bleak picture at a time when small manufacturers are acknowledged to be the most potent force to lead Britain out of the grip of recession.

They are more able than larger enterprises to quickly change tack and take advantage of altering economic forces and so should be closely monitored and supported by central government.

We hope that, in the sharp flush of recognition that the Government needs to behave differently if it is to be more successful at leading us back to economic recovery, this is one area where the Prime Minister goes out of his way to seek fresh and urgent guidance.

To do otherwise could leave us open to uneven competition.