Get out and support live music this weekend - by David Crouch

While a relaxing Saturday night for many people is sticking the telly on to tune into a show like The X Factor, with a glass of wine and some grub, what about going out and supporting live bands instead?

Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 5:00 am
Updated Thursday, 15th December 2016, 10:22 am

By tuning into the likes of X Factor, all you’re doing is buying into the manufactured way of life that has become the norm in today’s day and age.

What happened to Saturday nights going out to local gigs, having a few beers with your mates and watching an awesome band blow the roof off your local pub?

There are so many talented bands and artists out there putting on amazing shows in venues all across the UK, but there just isn’t the overwhelming support there used to be.

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I’m not saying there isn’t a music community at local gigs, there’s a lot of great people out and having a good time who you might bump into and even make friends with.

As well as this it gives you a story to tell your families, for example I know people who supported the mighty Biffy Clyro at The Leadmill, who are now headlining festivals across the UK and getting massive mainstream exposure.

I spoke to a couple of local musicians who had mixed views on whether TV music talent shows are having a negative effect on live music.

Sam Bantock, of Steal The City, said: “Well, I personally can’t stand them. Shows like X Factor and The Voice are ruining the fun for actual musicians.

“We need to encourage more young people to create their own music, no matter what level they're at. Everyone should start from the bottom, and experience this rollercoaster.”

Fellow band member Joe Hanson said: “I don’t think they are affecting the local scene at all. At the end of the day, people supporting the local music scene and people supporting TV talent shows are two completely different types of people.

“I would prefer to venture out to local music venues finding new bands.”