Get on your bike to get feel for roads in our city

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I read two articles in Friday’s star which reported on commendable actions by our local civic leaders.

Firstly it was reported that town planners in Barnsley were to walk about blindfolded so that they would be better able to understand the needs of blind people.

I suppose that the only surprising thing about that report is that such an obvious part of a planner’s training should still be considered newsworthy.

The second report was that road ‘writings’ such as Allez Wincobank from the Tour de France should be kept. Coun Leigh Bramall is quoted as saying: “The idea is we build on the road cycling interest to rebrand Sheffield as the best outdoor recreation city”.

Well yesterday I did some ‘road cycling’ because I had to cycle from my house in Millhouses to Parkgate in Rotherham and as I went I decided that we might profit by combining the two ideas from those articles.

May I suggest that Coun Bramall and other civic planners and leaders acquire a Tour de France style ‘road bike’ and try riding about on South Yorkshire’s roads.

This will help them get the ‘feel’ for what it is like to ride on our roads in their present condition.

I would advise them to take a puncture repair kit and spare wheels.

They may ponder as they go just what brand we are creating.

Pat Dyson