Get on with a housing plan

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Ron Humberstone has answered a question many talk about. Is it better to stay with one company or move about for your jobs.

At 21, I was given my walking order: “Get out and find another job,” the foreman told me, I didn’t want to go but go I did and worked for company after company. Never once did I doubt my ability to find work.

Aged 35, going through a bad time, I changed my profession and went labouring on a building site. Again I moved from job to job. Today, retired, I am still more active with my mind than when I was when working.

Ron’s letter made me sad, not because his son saved his money because, trust me, out there he is likely to have his money taken from him by fair means or foul.

Having been made redundant more than once it is not a time to say it has left him disillusioned and nothing to live for. What a way for someone to have to think.

I’d like to tell the Employment Minister to get on with a housing programme and stop talking of affordable housing. In years past people saved for a deposit. Housing creates money and jobs for all.

Frank Hardy