Get down to Specsavers

In reply to Kevin Hanson in Tuesdays Star I would like to stand by everything that I said, the items that I quoted are from Al Jazeera World News and that any comments that I made came from that. Ie there is not one EU country that is not having trouble with these migrants.

Migrants and refugees
Migrants and refugees

All you need to do Kevin is, when you have a moment, check it out, try not to be such a do-gooder, our country and our cities do not want these people and if we don’t have a strong security system in place we are asking for trouble.

I expect that you will come back with all the usual emarks but like the rest of Sheffielders if I could stop them from entering this country and our cities I would not hesitate, why ask for trouble, it’s already happening in all our major cities so please Kevin open those eyes of yours and get down to Specsavers, then check out Al Jazeera World News and save that bottle of water ready for the arrival .