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Everyone ought to look into the proposed bus changes that we are being ‘consulted’ on now.

Not enough information is being offered to the public – not everyone has access to a computer or knows where to look. SYPTE are banking on this, and hoping to implement the changes by stealth, saying that the public were consulted, and had their chance to speak up.

But nobody I have spoken to in my area, Wisewood/Loxley, knew of the proposals to leave this huge area without a direct bus to town.

The 84 service is to be withdrawn, leaving only the 31/31A which goes via Langsett/Upperthorpe before arriving in town.

The 31A is also to be re-routed over Rodney Hill, so the Loxley road area below the junction of Rodney Hill will have only one bus per hour. Currently we have three 84s, a 31 and a 31A per hour. How are people to get to work?

The 61/62 used to serve Loxley Road but was re-routed to go via Wisewood, so this area is already neglected.

The Wisewood area will be deprived of the 84 too, although a 53 is planned to cover Wisewood/Hallowmoor road. This is only to run to Hillsborough interchange too.

There will be no bus from this highly populated area which runs to the Moor – another nail in the coffin of the ill-fated Moor Market. And no direct bus to town at all for this whole area. This proposal is deplorable and ill-thought out, and surely cannot be allowed to go through.

I urge residents to go online to to see details, and to fill in a questionnaire, or call into Hillsborough interchange to fill in a paper version, or attend a public drop-in session there next Tuesday, July 21, from 4.30- 6pm.

People need to be better informed so this ‘consultation’ can include public opinion.

Mrs JB


n With reference to the letter headed “Buses needed” on July 15, and the lack of convenient public transport.

There are more than enough buses running through the foot of The Moor and also along Eyre St at the rear of the Market. A visit to the interchange would furnish one with enough detail to make visiting the market quite simple.

I am fed up with all the criticism of the Market.

What more do people want, a heli-pad?

D Stevenson