Get a life?

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To anon, August 10, I’ll come straight to the point, I’ll call Margaret Thatcher anything I like.

That’s my opinion and my opinion is that Thatcher the milk snatcher was like 99.9 per cent of Tories, a snob who looks down their noses at the working classes and that WE should know our place. Yes the British public did vote them in, they all must have been on the bevvy night before and put the tick in the wrong place.

Oh, one more thing I have got a life, nice relationship and family, grafted hard, 40 years in the rolling mills of Sheffield and have got a mind of my own.

I can probably guess why you’re a Tory?

Did “darling” Margaret allow you to buy your council house on one of the nicer parts of S13!

PS if you want to meet and have a beer and a debate, let’s do it.