George’s split heartwarming

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It was never going to last.

Any fool could see that a young Italian flibbertigibbet with legs up to here wouldn’t hold the attention of a cultured, erudite, charismatic man of the world like Clooney forever.

I reckon he was only with lanky, lithe Elisabetta Canalis to sharpen up his Italian.

They split last week after two years and the rumour is it was George who did the dumping.

Allegedly, she’d taken his avowed intent to never marry again (he was briefly wed in 1993 to actress Talia Balsam) as some kind of challenge. I’ll bet the silly girl wore him into the ground with her wheedling for commitment and a big white frock.

But also – how you’ll love this – George was apparently finding it difficult to find things to talk about with Elisabetta.

Middle-aged men might think it bizarre that a chap of 50 would want to waste time discussing anything when he’s got a woman of 32 in his bed. But that’s only because they’ve forgotten what 32-year-old women are like, not having dated one since they were 33.

How heartening it is for middle-aged women to hear that looking good in a bikini isn’t the be-all and end-all, though. That what the intelligent middle aged man actually needs in a woman is good conversation.