Generous teacher’s gift to third world

Munif Zia with the car he has donatd to World Aid Africa
Munif Zia with the car he has donatd to World Aid Africa
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HE’S the teacher who just keeps on giving!

Six months ago Munif Zia made the front page of The Star after buying one of his top pupils a £750 Armani suit out of his own money.

And now Munif, from Crosspool, Sheffield, has demonstrated his generosity again by giving away his car to charity.

The teacher, who is director of maths at Parkwood Academy in Shirecliffe, has donated his silver Peugeot 206 to the charity World Aid in Rotherham, which helps children in Africa.

He said the vehicle will be raffled off and could raise more than £1,500.

“It was a bit of a wider gesture this time,” said Munif, aged 38.

“It’s not that I’m charitable - sometimes working with kids every day some people lose perspective.

“There are kids around the world that are suffering.

“They should have the same standard of education as the rest of us, too,” Munif said.

“I have two cars so rather than sell it I decided to donate it free to charity so they can auction it off.”

The Peugeot is a limited-edition, sporty model, which the teacher said should increase its value when it goes under the hammer.

In February Munif bought an Armani suit for 16-year-old Ahmed Moula, who passed his maths GCSE with top marks, seven months ahead of schedule.

He paid for the two-piece suit - imported directly from Italy - out of his own pocket as the school budget did not quite stretch to such a luxury item.

At the time, Munif said he purchased the suit to recognise Ahmed’s ‘tremendous achievement’.

“I thought it deserved recognition - not just to reward Ahmed, but to set a marker for the other students. It shows them that high attainment brings high rewards and really gets the message across.”

“Some people have laughed about spending that amount of money on a pupil, but I think it’s worth it.”

Masarat Din, founder of Whiston-based World Aid, was grateful for Munif’s donation: “It’s a fantastic gesture of goodwill,” she said.