General mess all round

Last weekend being suitable weather, my partner and I thought we'd take a stroll and have a drink in the Kelham Islsnd area.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 24th May 2018, 5:21 am
Updated Thursday, 24th May 2018, 5:26 am
A pile of discarded cigarette ends in the gutter.
A pile of discarded cigarette ends in the gutter.

We walked from the city centre and took a route along the newly named Esteli Way from Millsands, along the side of the Don.

Now we have what appears to be a nice clean river, hence a kingfisher darting about; many ducks and the odd coot. The riverbanks have been tidied up and landscaped.

What a shame then to walk past the two Home Office/UK Immigration buildings that flank the side of the Don. Hundreds of cigarette butts just dropped on the pavement right up to the fencing at the riverside, despite signs stuck on the buildings that indicate smoking is prohibited. Add to this drinks cans of various sorts; plastic drinks cups; wrappers that once contained sandwiches and just a general mess all round.

As these buildings are fairly off the beaten track, I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest that that those responsible for this mess are actually the civil servants employed in these two buildings. Shame on you. Take your litter back into your offices and dispose of it properly. Heaven knows how much gets blown into the river?

Strange that the buildings belonging to solicitors, Irwin Mitchell, next to the Home Office buildings are comparatively free of litter.

James Fenner

Nether Edge, Sheffield S7

Exceptions to the rule

Stephen Ryszka’s letter “I before E except after C”, Star, May 19, 2018 brought back memories of my 1940’s school days when this teaching was commonly observed.

I fully agree with him when he says that “it seems the more technology we have, the worse people’s spelling and grammar becomes.”

There were no spell checkers in those days, just a reliable English dictionary.

As for the old hands proof-reading things before publication, I often wonder whether or not the Star employs a proof reader.

On several occasions spelling errors have been published by them, on occasion in a banner headline!

Just to play Devil’s Advocate with your readers - while i before e except after c is correct, there are some exceptions to this rule, a notable one being detected only by people living in high society!

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5

There may be trouble ahead

I didn’t watch the wedding, (there’s a suprise), but watching the news later I did catch a bit of it.

Yes she looked lovely I think even I could have scrubbed up well in a dress like that.

All the bleating - the Royal family are moving with the times, they are now a multicutural family, one mixed race woman joining this clan - doesn’t mean much.

Megan sets out her intentions, she’s a supporter of women and a feminest and will continue with that work.

Good luck with that.

How does the song go, there maybe trouble ahead.

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35

The days of Creation

The Dean of Sheffield, Peter Bradley, speculates, (Star, May 17), that some of the carvings on what is now H&M in Fargate might be masonic.

It is for him to judge of course.

But the building, Carmel House, was put up in 1889-92 for the YMCA, to the designs of architect H W Lockwood.

The carved panels at first floor level represent the days of Creation, (the six to the left), and the progress of Divine Law, (the four to the right).

Up above is a great collection of grotesques.

They are all the work of Frank Tory, celebrated Sheffield sculptor whose work, and that of his twin sons William and Frank jnr, is on many city buildings, (the family were lifelong practising Methodists).

Sadly the building has been gutted twice during its life and there is nothing left of the 1000 beds, dining rooms, gym,hall and stage that filled it originally.

Valerie Bayliss

Chair, S Yorks Group The Victorian Society

National anthem

I would like to know how the new Lord Mayor of Sheffield will cope with meeting the Queen and other members of the Royal family if they visit Sheffield when he refuses to honour the Royal family and sing the National Anthem?

How come the Green Party choose such a person to represent Sheffield?

I Oxley


Maximum stake

I am slightly suspicious of the Government bringing down the maximum stake when gambling to £2 (I hope they mean it).

I’m just a little bit suspicious the “£2” could be a bargaining ploy with the betting industry.

Sort of, “We’ve had a second look and we will make it £10”. Sincerely hope I’m wrong!

Max Nottingham


No class distinction?

It has been reported that there is a shortage of police officers due to cutbacks.

And yet at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan there were thousands of police in attendance, costing the tax payer, that’s you and me, an estimated £30 million.

Who was it that said in the UK there is no class distinction, “Not Much”.

EB Warris

Sheffield, S14

Barbara Wragg

So sorry to hear about the passing of Barbara Wragg.

We are distant relatives and I am so proud of both of them. Their luck was spread among so many people.

DA Wragg

Sheffield, S35