General Election 2017: Sheffield Heeley candidate profiles

General Election 2017: Sheffield Heeley candidates
General Election 2017: Sheffield Heeley candidates
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In the fourth of our General Election candidate profiles, we ask those running to be the Sheffield Heeley MP why they should get your vote.

Each candidate standing in the constituency this year was asked to send up to 200 words on their policies and why people should choose them when they go to the polls on June 8.

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

Tomorrow: Penistone and Stocksbridge.

Howard Denby, UK Independence Party

I was born in Marsden, West Yorkshire in 1957. At school I was lucky that teachers were allowed to educate children as individuals, not hampered by interfering politicians as they are now.

There were real apprenticeship opportunities to prepare less academic students for work in the real world. We had a welfare state that supported and didn’t judge people.

I married my soulmate in 1988 but after a repeat infection she took an overdose in 2014 to end the pain and suffering, despite us begging the hospital for help. Since then I have been struggling against the system, with no rights for legal help to get justice and bring the circumstances to light.

We need to protect and repair our welfare state before the establishment destroys it. If you think people count, join UKIP and help me make a stand for a return of genuine British values where people not wealth are the priority.

We need to reduce managers and train more doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers, police, firefighters, and acknowledge their worth to us - I know the cost if we don’t.

Vote for me and you will get an honourable man who will represent the people, not the establishment.

Dr Gordon Gregory, Conservative

I am a local NHS doctor trained at Sheffield University.

I am married with three children. The two eldest attend a local comprehensive school.

I supported the fight for Brexit in Sheffield and now wish to help Theresa May get the best deal she can for Britain.

I have worked at both the Royal Hallamshire and the Northern General Hospitals so I understand the NHS at first hand. I know it is safer in the hands of Theresa May and the Conservative Party, whatever others may say.

I am committed to supporting our armed services and our ex-servicemen, especially those with mental and employment issues.

I am committed to improving the lives of the people of Sheffield which has been me and my family’s home for the last 16 years.

Sheffield is known as the greenest city in the UK. I have fought to keep our parks, trees and green spaces that have been under threat from the Labour council.

This election is unique. It is our generation’s Battle of Britain. Whatever you’ve done in the past, vote Conservative this time so that Theresa May has the strongest support possible in her negotiations with the EU.

Louise Haigh, Labour

It has been the honour of my life to represent the people I grew up with and live alongside.

As your MP I have fought hard for our community - and I have needed to - because the Tories have spent the last seven years trying to find new ways to make people here worse off.

Now when I look at what they have planned, it’s clear they haven’t changed one bit.

They kicked off their campaign by threatening tax rises on hard working people here in Sheffield.

They want to scrap free hot school meals for kids who need them.

Thousands would have their winter fuel allowance taken off them.

And on top of it all you’d be forced to use your family home to pay for care.

But you have a choice here in our area. A strong, local Labour MP who will fight this devastating plan or a Tory who would simply nod it through.

Every vote for Labour is a vote for a better future for Sheffield.

It’s a vote to help out working families with a real living wage and a guarantee taxes won’t go up for all but the wealthiest five per cent.

Jaspreet Oberoi, Social Democratic Party

Jaspreet Oberoi, ‘Jas’ to his many friends, has made Sheffield his home after coming to the UK in 2002. He studied in Yorkshire and achieved a degree in Marketing (Bradford University BSC – Hons.)

His family have a long and established history in India in engineering and manufacturing and with this in his blood sought to make a name for himself in the UK. He set his sights on setting up a metal trading and processing business in the steel city of Sheffield.

He has created jobs and commerce and being in his early 30s aims to continue to do more of the same.

“Sheffield is my home,” he said. “Steel is in my blood.

“I trade all over the world and became interested about politics well before the EU referendum.

“The only way to save the steel industry in Sheffield is to leave the EU. I know first hand about the trading opportunities that Brexit will bring and had had enough of listening to naysayers who, frankly, didn’t know what they were talking about.”

“When I look at the state of UK politics, I realise that things need to change. We need direct democracy so that everyone’s vote matters.”

Joe Otten, Liberal Democrat

I have lived in Sheffield since 1989 where I live with my wife, a local GP, run my software business and send my children to local state schools.

I was first elected to Sheffield City Council in 2011, where I represent Dore and Totley. I have frequently challenged the Labour council to be more ambitious for Sheffield and to embrace the opportunities of devolution to attract investment and jobs. This challenge is doubly relevant now, given the uncertainty resulting from Brexit.

I am horrified at the weakness of the Labour opposition to the Conservative Brexit Government. I am determined to be a more effective opposition than Corbyn’s Labour party and a stronger voice for Sheffield.

Declan Walsh, Green

I live in Meersbrook and work in local cooperative businesses. I offer previous NHS professional experience and have volunteered with mental health, housing and education charities.

I will prioritise help for voluntary and community groups – supporting the poorest and most vulnerable impacted by Tory austerity.

Greens campaign for affordable housing, a living wage, and against insecure zero hours contracts. I will support the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, utilising South Yorkshire’s engineering and manufacturing skills to create green jobs.

I will stand up for what matters in Heeley.

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