General Election 2017: Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough candidate profiles

Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough General Election 2017 candidates.
Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough General Election 2017 candidates.
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In the first of our General Election candidate profiles, we ask those running to be the Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough MP why they should get your vote.

Each candidate standing in the constituency this year was asked to send up to 200 words on their policies and why people should choose them when they go to the polls on June 8.

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

Tomorrow: Sheffield Central.

Simon Clement Jones, Liberal Democrat

When I first left college I worked in the steel industry, starting out on the shop floor. I eventually left the steel industry to start my own company but I know how difficult it can be.

The Liberal Democrats will create a new ‘start-up allowance’ to help budding entrepreneurs, who would receive £2600 over the first six months (£100 a week) of setting up their new business to help with living costs in the testing early stages.

This will help get small businesses off the ground and let our local economy grow and in turn, create more jobs for Sheffield.

I have previously served on Sheffield City Council for 11 years, and was finance cabinet member whilst the Liberal Democrats ran the council where I ensured that Sheffield money by freezing council tax.

The Liberal Democrats would save you money again and ease the Brexit squeeze by remaining in the single market.

The Government’s own estimates project a £60bn hole in the public finances as a result of leaving the lucrative single market, whilst the weak pound and rising costs are beginning to hit real people in the pocket.

Mike Driver, Workers Revolutionary Party

South Yorkshire was at the centre of the miners strike. The Government still hold onto the files for Orgreave when police were unleashed on the miners in 1985.

Miners were picketing the coke depot. It was a massive confrontation. The state was against the miners. They did not want a general strike and the Trades Union Congress did deals.

That’s why they cover it up. The crisis is worse today. It’s such a great crisis, nothing can resolve it but revolution.

We’re standing for a workers state and socialism. We are standing 100 years since the Russian Revolution which was a huge step forward for the world working class.

We have to do it here – zero hours contracts, cuts for the disabled, it’s a crisis.

Labour has betrayed the working class because it won’t get socialism. We are standing to build our party – only a revolution can take us forward.

Gill Furniss, Labour

I was proud to have been elected as the MP for Brightside and Hillsborough last year to represent the area I was born and raised in.

Since being elected, I have helped with more than 3,000 local issues and held regular surgeries to listen to residents. During this time, I have witnessed the horrendous impacts that Tory cuts to our public services are having on our communities – from the NHS crisis to cuts in local school funding.

After seven years of failed Tory austerity, with its devastating impacts on the most vulnerable in our society, their latest announcement of a ‘dementia tax’ has caused deep anxiety and concern for vulnerable pensioners. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Labour will invest in young people and their futures, in the NHS and social care and has pledged to maintain the triple lock on pensions, the winter fuel allowance, and free bus passes for the over 60s to ensure dignity in retirement

Thursday June 8 is your opportunity to re-elect me as your MP, but also our opportunity to reject the cruel and divisive Tory agenda and instead elect a Labour Government for the many, not just the privileged few.

Christine Gilligan Kubo, Green

I have lived in Hillsborough for 24 years. I lecture in responsible and ethical business practice at Sheffield Business School and I strongly believe in an economy that works for everyone while protecting our natural

environment for future generations.

If elected I will campaign against insecure zero hours contracts, low wages and high rents and make sure our wonderful public services, such as the NHS and schools, receive the funding they require to provide the services we need.

I support democracy and will speak out to ensure that we all get a say on the final Brexit deal. We want a deal that works for all of us and doesn’t remove or weaken vitally important environmental and social protections.

I would also support young people with free university tuition fees.

As a non-executive director of Sheffield Renewables I also support the rapid transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy in the face of climate change. I believe this would provide an opportunity in Brightside to use the engineering and manufacturing skills to create new green jobs.

The Green Party puts people and planet first.

Shane Harper, UK Independence Party

Originally from Rotherham, I moved to Sheffield around 15 years ago. A regular local election candidate, this will be my first Parliamentary campaign and I am honoured to have the opportunity to represent the people of my home constituency in Parliament.

This will be a baptism of fire, encouraging Brexit supporters of all parties to vote for me so I can help undo the 40-plus years of destruction the European Disunion has done to our United Kingdom.

Parts of my constituency have parallels with areas of Rotherham that I grew up in and I will be working hard to address the causes of the long standing and escalating social problems these areas have and find solutions to turn these areas around.

Brexit will take time to accomplish.

It is up to us in Ukip to ensure those tasked with it, complete it.

Michael Naughton, Conservative

I was born and raised in Sheffield. I grew up in a mining village, went to a local comprehensive school and graduated from Sheffield University. Sheffield is my home, and I care about our city and our people.

As a youth group leader, volunteer, and fundraiser, I have worked to make things better on a local level. I seek now to be a strong local voice to stand up for our city at a key moment in our country’s history.

Last summer we took a momentous decision. If Theresa May wins this election, we will leave the EU and regain control of our borders and our country in March 2019.

The best way to help her get the greatest possible deal for Britain is to give her the strongest possible mandate going into the negotiation process. A clear result in her favour will demonstrate to Brussels that Brexit will be crisp, clean - and successful.

We now need strong and capable leadership. Theresa May will deliver that. A coalition of chaos will not. I am standing to support Mrs May to get the best deal for Brightside and Hillsborough, for Sheffield, and for Britain.

Muzafar Rahman, Social Democratic Party

Muzafar or ‘Maz’ as he is known to his friends has been active in the local political scene and community for a number of years.

Born and raised in Sheffield, he knows first hand the issues of the people of the steel city. A local businessman, who has developed niche healthcare products he believes that commerce is key and more help should be given to entrepreneurs.

He campaigned for Brexit in the EU referendum on the basis of democracy and equality. He has campaigned for a number of years for equality and clean air in the city, which in issue close to his heart.

“From a young age I have always been at the forefront of pushing for greater community cohesion, achieving the best I can and instilling my family with the same thought process,” he said.

“Radical elements in our communities need to addressed. I will stand up against extremism, I’m a man of Sheffield and can see the division in the communities. I will work to stop this and I’m not afraid to say how it is.

“The current crop of politician in Sheffield are scared to say how it is.”

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