General Election 2017: Call to tackle deprivation from Sheffield South East voters

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Stretching from Tinsley to Halfway via Attercliffe and Handsworth, Sheffield South East covers a wide range of communities.

Labour’s Clive Betts has remained popular with residents since winning the seat in 1992, and took 51 per cent of votes in the 2015 General Election.

Ray Percival.

Ray Percival.

This year he will face candidates from the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, the UK Independence Party and the Social Democratic Party - a change from two years ago when there were eight people fighting for votes.

One person he can count on is retired Ray Percival, from Darnall. Ray is backing Labour once more after voting to leave the European Union.

“I’ve never been one for the Conservatives,” he said.

“I voted to leave and we are out now, so I will go back to Labour.”



Ray has problems close to home on his mind during this election.

“It’s not going right for people in the local area,” he said.

“I’m retired with illnesses. I’m on the verge of losing my independence and I worked until I was in my early 50s.”

Ray said he wasn’t that keen on Jeremy Corbyn but he was the ‘best of a bad bunch’.

Jessica Connolly.

Jessica Connolly.

He said Corbyn was ‘for the people’, but added: “I’ve just turned 60 and I can’t see a bright future.

“It’s going to be tough to get rid of Theresa May but it just needs people like me to muck in.”

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Jessica Connolly, 33, said she had never voted before - but this year could be different.

“My partner keeps telling me to vote so I’m going to try to this year,” she said.

“I’m working a lot and I’ve got a kid to take care of and that’s more of a priority.”

If Jessica does manage to get to the polls, her vote will likely go to Labour.

“I’ve heard a lot of good things,” she said. “They are putting the minimum age up, and the bedroom tax is just ridiculous.

“My vote’s for them, if I do.”

But for one man helping fit out a shop in Greenland Road, it doesn’t matter who is standing for election.

The man, who asked not to be named, said: “Politicians lie and they work for corporate interests at the highest level.

“I’m not impressed with my MP. We have still got drug problems, we have still got crime.

“You can see the state of roads and pavements. Generally it’s a ghetto.”

The man said he had not seen any improvement where he lives for 20 years. And he did not think a change in MP would make much difference.

“They promise this and promise that but once they are in power it’s a different story,” he said.

“Look at gas and electric bills. They are supposed to be natural resources that belong to the public but they are owned by the power companies.”

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