GBBO: She’s 78, and still so Berry stylish... top marks for presentation, Mary

Sassy septuagenarian Mary Berry
Sassy septuagenarian Mary Berry
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Mary Berry... Steal her stylist. She’s the sassiest septuagenarian on the telly.

Though there aren’t many to choose from, ageism being rife in TV, according to John McCririck. Still, on Tuesday night’s GBBO, in a primrose jacket, bright tonal scarf bearing the periwinkle blue that matched her eyes, Mary was the coolest cookie in the room.

Never mind baking know-how, contestants (and the dreadfully-dressed Mel and Sue) could pick up a few style tips from her.

Not that Hollywood would notice; he only has eyes for Ruby, the former model who can do no wrong. On Tuesday, her cake garden shed listed so badly it should have been condemned. But lo, she was star Baker. Something’s definitely rising in Paul’s passion cake. Without the need for baking powder.