Gardening for hedgehogs

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We were pleased to read (May 28) your article on allowing some stinging nettles in the garden to help wildlife such as hedgehogs - they need all the help they can get!

An alarming new report (The State of Britain’s Hedgehogs) provides evidence that numbers have declined by at least a quarter in the last 10 years! A large part of the problem is fragmentation of habitat because of our obsession with neater gardens. A gap in the bottom of walls or fences will allow hedgehogs access, they regularly roam a mile a night so joined up gardens are essential.

We have got together with the People’s Trust for Endangered Species to launch Hedgehog Street which asks people to think about the way they garden and care for their green spaces. This initiative aims to empower whole communities, encouraged by volunteer Hedgehog Champions, to take small steps to improve their neighbourhood for hedgehogs in a bid to create a giant patchwork of hedgehog-friendly areas across the British Isles.

For a free Hedgehog Street pack or to volunteer to be a Hedgehog Champion, visit

Fay Vass, Chief Exec, British Hedgehog Preservation Society

Paying to pay...

How about this one? I’m a pensioner and received a tax return form. After filling in the forms, I have to send them via post. Guess what! I have to pay postage. Time gone by such forms came with a stamped-address envelope. Not only do we have to pay double or treble the amount of taxes as before, we also have to pay to pay it!

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