Gangland postcode killers fail in their murder appeal attempt

Levan Menzies'Tarek Chaiboub murder defendants
Levan Menzies'Tarek Chaiboub murder defendants
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Four men jailed for the brutal gangland murder of a teenager outside a barber’s shop face spending their lives behind bars after their appeals collapsed around their ears.

The Sheffield men were all jailed for life in August 2009 after being found guilty by a Sheffield Crown Court jury of the notorious shooting of 17-year-old Tarek Chaiboub in 2008.

The shooting was said to have been ordered by 25-year-old Nigel Junior Ramsey from his prison cell, in revenge for allegedly passing on information which led to the near-fatal stabbing of a gang member.

But the four were back before a court again – some in the dock, some via video links from prison – as their lawyers began a legal bid to overturn the guilty verdicts.

Their barristers said new evidence which had come to light since the trial cast doubt on the reliability of forensic evidence.

But halfway through their appeal in London, their case collapsed when three senior judges refused to admit the new evidence.

Top QC, Henry Grunwald, had told the judges the fresh forensic evidence would have allowed defence lawyers to challenge the evidence at the trial: “Had we known at the time of the trial what we now know matters would have been handled very differently.”

He said the new evidence should be admitted in a retrial of Nigel Junior Ramsey, 25; Michael Chattoo, 23, of Daniel Hill Street, Upperthorpe; and Denzel Emanuel Ramsey, 22, and Levan Simeon Menzies, 19, both of Andover Street, Burngreave.

But Lord Justice Aikens, refused to admit the new evidence.