Future of old Town Hall

Seasoned heritage campaigner Howard Greaves seeks a new home for the Central Library and a use for the Old Town Hall/Salvation Army Citadel.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 25th July 2018, 6:07 am
Updated Wednesday, 25th July 2018, 6:12 am
Old Town Hall
Old Town Hall

Sorry Howard, I don’t think you are onto a winner here either way.

This is tongue in cheek, as you and Valerie Bayliss (South Yorkshire Victorian Society/Friends of the Old Town Hall) are both members of the Conservation Advisory Group.

Perhaps a joined-up heritage approach might be useful.

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The VS has got the OTH listed on the National List of Buildings at Risk once again. This has been an annual event since 2007.

Ron Clayton

Sheffield, S6

Doing the opposite

At the July meeting of Full Council the issue of Sheffield’s street trees was once again the topic of discussion. In particular, the determination of the city council to extend the civil injunction against tree campaigners.

Since taking office Coun Lewis Dagnall, cabinet member for environment and streetscene, has repeatedly talked about collaboration and compromise to resolve the impasse between the council and tree campaigners.

However, Coun Dagnall’s and Coun Julie Dore’s actions in pursuing a more stringent and longer civil injunction suggest very little, if any, compromise is forthcoming from the council.

My suggestion at full council to halt this renewal of the civil injunction, rejected by the Labour councillors, would have been a massive step moving forward in demonstrating to the tree campaigners that the city council was serious about seeking a compromise.

I fear that we’ll see further entrenchment of positions from Amey, the city council and the tree campaigners.

Whilst Couns Dore and Dagnall may want to create the impression that they agreed to a more collaborative way of working, their actions in the full council meeting in rejecting my call not to renew the civil injunction clearly shows that they are doing the opposite.

I fear that our city is going to be making news again for all the wrong reasons because the city council’s leadership is not turning its fine words about collaboration and compromise into actions.

Coun Shaffaq Mohammed

Liberal Democrat

Like him or loathe him

Donald Trump , you either like him or loathe him. Never met him, never will, so any opinion is based on what I read or see on TV.

Is he mad or bad? Who knows. People seem to like him as he’s keeping his promises to the Americans who voted for him, by putting America first.

I think this country should start putting us first for a change. We have a great island, sometimes the government don’t treat it with great respect.

The thing with Trump is he says what he likes and he likes what he says and he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35

Fly blimp of Magid in city

A blimp of Donald Trump was raised during his visit to London.

Perhaps a blimp of Magid Magid should be raised above Sheffield Town Hall.

Eddie Peart

Broom Crescent, Rotherham

Position of honour

What is it coming to when we have the Mayor of London allowing an effigy of Donald Trump as a baby to be flown over London and the Lord Mayor of Sheffield in a sombrero and T-shirt with a slogan on it.

Do these individuals not realise that their position is an honour and not a joke as they seem to think?

As Cyril Olsen said, Sheffield’s Lord Mayor is losing a lot of the support because of his stupid actions.

Brenda Titterton


I love Donald Trump

Now I’m not anti-American, (he lied), but I must admit that recently one of two gobby Americans have got right up my nose and the other has made my day.

Donald Trump has started to deliver everything that got him elected to the White House.

The other is just an overpaid presenter on Wimbledon on both BBC and 5 Live.

The protests in London were by people who don’t like straight-talking brash politicians who deliver.

John McEnroe just likes to hear his own voice.

The Mayor of London has made a mess, Teresa May has screwed up and the Germans rule Europe. Mr Trump was not impressed – I love him.

J Vintin

Sheffield, S10

Lay off our Donny shops

A couple of weeks ago a programme on ITV’s Calendar showed children showing their concern about pollution from traffic fumes in Sheffield.

It made me feel good to consider that at least some of the young generation care for the environment.

Then I sawMP Caroline Flint along with some other countryside grabbers opening another slip road on the M18 to Sheffield to speed traffic up and avoid congestion. More green open space lost.

Yet the same Ms Flint congratulated the Doncaster Ramblers on a guided walk around Hatfield Moor on the nature and conservation of the area.

Now, she is urging that Heathrow Airport should be linked to Doncaster Airport.

Some travellers take to Newcastle or East Midlands for the cheaper flights rather than fly from Doncaster.

I say to Caroline that I and I suppose many others do not want those gas-guzzling, pollution-spewing giant aeroplanes anywhere near South Yorkshire.

Caroline, you and Doncaster mayor Ros Jones are ruining our Donny shops and area. Lay off.

B Doane

Doncaster, DN7