Future of narrow lane linking two Barnsley villages under discussion

A narrow lane linking two villages could be permanently blocked to avoid traffic problems, with a councillor now to press for clarity on the community's wishes before taking any steps towards getting approval from highways officials.

Monday, 13th August 2018, 2:36 pm
Updated Monday, 13th August 2018, 7:08 pm
Road to nowhere? The future of Lidgett Lane could include blocking access to through traffic.

Lidgett Lane links Tankersley and Pilley in Barnsley, two villages which have effectively become one community as housing developments have blurred the division between the two, but is a secondary link with New Road used as the main traffic access.

Lidgett Lane is very narrow in sections and unsuitable for heavy traffic, with many motorists already avoiding it.

Coun Robert Barnard said Tankersley Parish Council had already discussed the potential introduction of traffic restrictions, which could involve either a one-way arrangement or blocking through access by bollarding the carriageway at some point, still allowing those who need access to use it from either end.

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But Coun Barnard said although he supported the idea of closing the road, he would only maintain that support if there was widespread approval within the community.

The road was closed for more than a year due to Yorkshire Water works in the area, re-opening during the early summer.

During the closure there were problems because although traffic was barred, the road remained useable and became an unofficial ‘race track’, forcing contractors to put in a physical barrier.

Coun Barnard is concerned that if it was made one way it would encourage the same problem, providing drivers with the confidence they would not meet other traffic moving in the other direction.

He said: “It is something which has been discussed on a number of occasions and there are several possibilities.

“What I don’t like would be making it one way, that would turn it into a race track.

“The idea mooted would be leaving it two way but with bollards in the middle, much like Wentworth Road in Penistone. It would allow people access but now allow it to be used as a thoroughfare.

“I would support the idea of closing it, but only if there is widespread support from the community. It would need community support to do it.”

He is now expecting to attend Tankersley Parish Council when they next meet, in September, to ask for that body’s position on whether they want to move forwards with the idea.