Fury over vandals smashing glass bottles on South Yorkshire bridleway

A pup almost bled to death after cutting her leg on smashed glass on a South Yorkshire bridleway.

Tuesday, 1st May 2018, 6:23 am
Updated Tuesday, 1st May 2018, 6:36 am
Daisy the Dalmation was injured on a South Yorkshire bridleway

Daisy the Dalmatian was being walked on the bridleway from Brookhouse Road, Aston, to Rother Valley Country Park when she cut her leg on shards of glass where bottles had been deliberately smashed.

VIDEO: Burglars steal cherished memories from Sheffield home days after victim's partner dies, aged 40Her terrified owners, Oliver Varnam and Jade Morris, from Aston, scooped up the injured seven-month old pup and wrapped a jacket around the open wound in a bid to stem the flow of blood 'gushing out like a tap'.

A shard of glass found on the bridleway from Aston to Rother Valley Country Park

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They then raced her to their vet thanks to Leanne Richardson, who runs Paws Allowed boarding and dog walking services and lives close to the bridleway.

Oliver, 22, said he is disgusted at those smashing bottles on the popular bridleway.

Benny, a Weimaraner, was also injured on the bridleway

"This happened to our dog on Sunday but it also happened to a dog belonging to Leanne from Paws Allowed, who was walking her own dog there the week before.

"It's a really popular route and when Daisy came limping back to us we couldn't believe what we saw. The blood was gushing out like a tap.

I tried to stop it with my hands put it was pouring out.

"The vet said if we hadn't got her there as quickly as we did she would have bled to death .

A shard of glass found on the bridleway from Aston to Rother Valley Country Park

"A friend went back later to where this happened and found a big jagged bit of glass sticking up from the ground, as though it had been deliberately placed there like that.

"People need to think about the consequences of their actions because we are very lucky that Daisy survived. It could have been much different."

Leanne, aged 42, who runs Paws Allowed, said: "My own dog, Benny, was injured close to where Daisy was.

"There's an area close to a bridge where bottles are smashed on the rocks there.

Benny, a Weimaraner, was also injured on the bridleway

"I lost my dog dog in 2011 when she ate a kebab left behind at a barbecue at Rother Valley.

"When she became unwell and the vet opened her up she had eaten the skewer as well, which ripped all her intestines to pieces. People need to think about what they are doing as Rother Valley is a popular place with dog walkers."