Fury as ANOTHER piece of Sheffield's street art is destroyed by vandalsÂ

Vandals have targeted another of Sheffield's beloved pieces of street art sparking an outcry from residents.Â

Tuesday, 27th November 2018, 7:06 am
Updated Tuesday, 27th November 2018, 7:10 am
Vandalised street art in Sheffield - Credit: Paul Hopwood
Vandalised street art in Sheffield - Credit: Paul Hopwood

The well-known piece of street art, depicting a raven alongside a poem, by the Sheffield canal has been damaged by vandals. 

Luminous, bright purple paint has been thrown over the piece of art created by the artist Affix. 

Vandalised street art in Sheffield - Credit: Paul Hopwood

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The attack comes just months after the towering 42ft mural of stainless steel pioneer Harry Brearley was targeted in a similar attack. 

The great innovator's face was splattered with red and white paint in a mindless act which has drawn the wrath of art lovers.

The Brearley mural was created by Sarah Yates - better known as Faunagraphic - in 2013 to mark 100 years since he invented the world's first 'rustless' stainless steel in his Brown Firth laboratory.

It was commissioned by Marketing Sheffield and the 100 Club.

The latest piece of vandalism has drawn similar criticisms from residents with some labelling those responsible as a '˜drain on society'. 

Kathleen Gears said: 'Why can't people just admire things instead of destroying or defacing them?'

Peter Marsden said: 'This is the most creative some people can be, their contribution is to destroy. They will always be a drain on society.

Kathleen Arthur said: 'No respect for anyone or anything these days just a minority' but spoil it for everyone else.'