Fury after boys get sent home for wearing SKIRTS to school near Sheffield

Eckington School
Eckington School
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A group of sixth-form students were sent home from a school near Sheffield after turning up wearing skirts.

The group of boys at Eckington School decided to sport skirts after they were banned from attending classes in shorts.

Temperatures have pushed 30C in Sheffield and Derbyshire this week but boys were forbidden from wearing sshorts, despite girls being allowed to wear skirts.

In protest, a group of boys turned up to class on Thursday wearing skirts instead.

Pupil Quinn Cunningham told the BBC: “Our dress code at our school is casual business. We are allowed to wear long length trackies or jeans and t-shirts what we want but we are not allowed to wear shorts.

“They are saying that because how adult workplaces are - males don’t work shorts in the workplace - when there are plenty of jobs where males do wear shorts.”

The news sparked an outpouring of fury on Twitter with many describing the school's decision as 'sexist'.

Laura Gordon posted: "Loving the story about the boys in Eckington wearing skirts after being told they couldn't wear shorts because 'society doesn't accept it'. If society doesn't accept something unfair, the answer is to challenge it, not to just accept the unfairness! Good for them!

Phoebe tweeted: "The fact that lads can’t wear shorts to school is ridiculous in this heat anyway but Eckington sending lads home for wearing skirts and saying “skirts were made for girls” is completely sexist, it’s 2018 get with it."

Olga Rose posted: "Eckington School sent home a bunch of lads today for wearing skirts (that were longer in length than mine) because they were told not to where shorts.

"A comment made by a teacher- ‘shorts and skirts are only appropriate for females’ Mate where’s that equality suddenly gone?"

Leah tweeted: "So much respect for the lads who came in skirts today at Eckington - there should be equality for all!"

Eckington School declined a request to comment by our sister paper the Derbyshire Times.