Furious Sheffield residents oppose plans for power generator near their homes

Furious residents have objected to plans to build a power generator near their homes.
An artist's impression of the University of Sheffield 'energy centre' on Bolsover StreetAn artist's impression of the University of Sheffield 'energy centre' on Bolsover Street
An artist's impression of the University of Sheffield 'energy centre' on Bolsover Street

The University of Sheffield wants to build an 'energy centre' close to the Arts Tower on Bolsover Street.

The proposed development is said to bring an 'important addition' to the university’s Western Bank campus to provide an 'uninterrupted power supply' to complex research experiments.

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But residents facing the build site say if approved, there will be 'constant noise' from the generator.

Caroline Hartley, who lives across the road from the proposed development said the neighbour notification letter was 'misleading' after a letter posted to residents said the generator was situated on Brook Hill.

She said: "I object to this planning application due to the proposed noise levels from this new energy centre which will be at least 40 decibels both day and night.

"I live directly in line with the proposed new building and will be most affected by the constant noise. I should not be expected to cope with this level of noise."

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"This is a matter of very serious concern to all those written to since the noise impact will seriously reduce their quality of life. Several are retired, some have illnesses and mobility issues and are confined to their homes for a great deal of their time."

An objection letter signed on behalf of Mrs K Akers said the potential noise levels are 'unacceptable' and said if the proposal is approved by Sheffield Council, all nearby residents should have triple glazing windows installed at the expense of the university.

She said: "The noise levels indicated are in my view unacceptable and a development of this nature is should be done well away from residential property.

"From my understanding, the noise levels will be similar to having a fridge switched on in my bedroom and this would certainly interfere with my sleep and well being.

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"Only 12 residents have been consulted, but I would question why the residents in the block of flats nearest the energy centre have not been consulted?"

A spokesman from architects HLM said: "The proposed new Energy Centre will provide an important addition on to Sheffield University’s Western Bank campus. It is the intention that the NEC will not just provide an uninterrupted power supply to complex research experiments on campus, but will take advantage of this requirement to develop an innovative, high-quality building that will also enhance the setting of the Arts Tower.

"Careful consideration has been given to the design of the energy centre. Through development of the detailed brief with Sheffield University and the design team, a design has evolved that integrates with its setting and positively contributes to the street scene along Boslover Street."

To view and comment on the application, click here