Furious residents demand action over huge 'crater' potholes in Doncaster road

Upset residents in a Doncaster suburb are demanding action over huge, crater like pot holes which they say are increasing in size after months of neglect.

Victorian Crescent in Town Moor and neighbouring Windsor Road have been blighted by crumbling roads for months, local residents say.

Yellow paint outlining the deep holes was applied to the road months ago, suggesting repairs were on the way.

But the holes have yet to be fixed and locals say the state of the potholes is worsening by the day, with aggregate from the craters being flicked into the road and against parked cars by passing vehicles.

The potholes in Victorian Crescent.

The problem is being made worse by vehicles using Windsor Road and Victorian Crescent as a ‘rat run’ to Town Moor Avenue.

One upset resident, who declined to be named, said: “They have been there for months now and they are getting worse and deeper by the day.

"They started off as small potholes in the road, now there’s four or five massive craters.

"I think the paint was sprayed around them to highlight them to drivers, but there’s plenty of motorists who haven’t seen them in time and you can hear the bang as the car crashes down into them.

"Someone is going to end up getting their suspension wrecked if they aren’t fixed. And stones in the holes are being flicked out by cars when they drive over them with some of them flying towards cars in the street.”

We have contacted Doncaster Council for comment.