Furious parents made to wait 24 hours for news on Sheffield teacher attack

Meadowhead Secondary School
Meadowhead Secondary School
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Concerned parents have claimed they were left in the dark over news that two teachers had been attacked at a Sheffield school.

Police were called to Meadowhead Secondary School on Monday afternoon following a 'disturbance' before confirming two teachers had been attacked the following day.

Two boys entered the school grounds and attacked two teachers at around 2.50pm on Monday.

However, furious parents soon got in touch with the school to complain that they had not been made aware of the 'serious incident'.

Parents said they only emailed at around 5.30pm on Tuesday informing them of the incident and revealing that there would be an increased police presence at the school.

One parent said that the blanket message was 'substandard' and criticised the school for not offering reassurances to pupils throughout the day.

They said: "As a parent of two children at the school, I am appalled and feel considerably let down that I have had to read any kind of detail about this incident via an article in the local newspaper.

"The school had not formally, until an hour ago, informed parents of this incident, and the message we did get was sub standard to say the least. The school also failed to offer any kind reassurances to pupils throughout the day despite the severity of the incident.

"The school are very quick to communicate with parents about their archaic uniform policies, but I cannot understand why the school have deemed it necessary not to communicate with us over this matter."

Other parents said that the first thing they heard of the incident was from their children who said there had been 'loads of police outside the school' but did not know why.

Another parent told the Star: "Some parents have had no information. I've had to call the school to find out myself and ask why we are reading about it on social media rather than through them.

"I was told that an email had been sent to parents on a child's first contacts list.

"I'm the first parent of my son to be notified but, because I supplied a contact number rather than an email address, I had no contact until I contacted them. A few other parents are in the same boat.

"All parents should be notified about incidents like this. It's worrying enough letting them go to and from school on their own."

Two teenage boys, aged 16 and 14, were arrested following the attack and released under investigation as enquiries continue into the matter.

Inspector Colette Fitzgibbons for the area, said: “We are working closely with staff at the school and there will be an increased presence in the area to offer reassurance.

“Our priority is to ensure the safety of staff and pupils and anyone with information about the incident or with concerns should call 101 quoting incident number 608 of 9 October 2017.”

Meadowhead Secondary School has been approached for a comment.