'Furious' mum claims 10 police officers violently arrested autistic son, 15, at Sheffield home

Mum Helena Reid has criticised police over claims 10 officers tackled autistic son Brandon, aged 15, in his own home.
Mum Helena Reid has criticised police over claims 10 officers tackled autistic son Brandon, aged 15, in his own home.
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A Sheffield mum claims police have 'no idea' how to deal with autistic people over claims 10 officers arrested her autistic 15-year-old son violently.

Mum Helena Reid, aged 50, claims a 'hoard' of officers stormed into her home last week to arrest autistic son Brandon, who had failed to return to a residential care home.

Brandon Reid with his niece.

Brandon Reid with his niece.

Helena said it is 'ridiculous' that 12 police officers attended her Parson Cross home and has criticsed the 'heavy-handed' way police arrested Brandon.

She claims that Brandon has been left 'deeply traumatised' by the incident due to his condition.

Helena, of Gleadless, said: "I answered the door to a hoard of police officers. Two policemen went into my house and pulled Brandon off the sofa.

"At this point I threw myself over Brandon, but police pulled me off. Then around ten more police officers just dived on him, put him in handcuffs and dragged him away.

"He's a young teenage lad, with severe autism. He doesn't understand why this happened and has been left deeply traumatised.

"Why on earth does it take 12 police officer, attending in two riot vans and several police cars, to arrest a 15-year-old boy? I am furious.

"There was no need for them to be so violent either. It just shows that the police still have no idea how to deal with autistic people."

Helena said Brandon had been staying with her for the weekend and was supposed to return to a residential care home in Stoke-on-Trent on Sunday. However, Helena said she contacted the home and they agreed he could stay another night.

Brandon then ran away before care home staff came to collect him on Monday at 7.30pm. At 11,30am the following day, police attended the home and arrested Brandon.

Helena said that Brandon was voluntarily admitted into the care home in May as his sister had just given birth and concerns were raised about Brandon being around the newborn baby.

Helena said: "Brandon is fine with the baby. But his sister has now moved out of my house and I want Brandon living with me again.

"He's not dangerous - he just needs to be treated like a human being."

South Yorkshire Police have been approached for a comment.

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