Furious motorist leaves disgruntled note on broken parking machine in Sheffield

A furious motorist has left a disgruntled note on a broken parking machine in Sheffield.

Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 9:49 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 9:53 am
A parking ticket machine. Picture by PA Archive/PA Images

A passer-by noticed the note on the Sharrowvale Road parking machine as he attempted to pay and display. 

He said that both that machine and the machine next to it were out of order. 

A parking ticket machine. Picture by PA Archive/PA Images

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The note, printed on A4 paper and sellotaped to the front of the ticket machine, sarcastically thanks the council for ‘caring about its people and its local businesses.’

It reads: “This machine doesn’t work. 

“Sheffield City Council can’t be bothered to tell you (or the hundreds of people that try to use it each day). or where to get a ticket (as many other machines have been removed/aren’t working either). 

“Apparently, you can pay by phone (in the cold, holding your bags and umbrella) if you have an iPhone. 

Sign on Sheffield parking machine

“If you don’t have an iPhone (lots of people don’t) you will have to go and by one. If you do, you will pay extra for parking.

“Or you can put a note in your car which the trffic wardens will ignore. 

“Thank you to the council for caring about its people and its local businesses.”

Citizens Advice has published on its website that any parking ticket should be cancelled if a meter or machine was broken and there was no other way to pay.

However, they warned that it won’t be cancelled if was another machine you could have used.

Motorists should send evidence that the machine or meter was broken to whoever gave you the ticket. 

Sheffield City Council said that there is a telephone number on all pay and display machines, advising people to call 0114 273 6255 if the machine is broken. 

They can also email  [email protected]