Furious carer brands Sheffield Council workers 'ignorant' over alleged illegal parking

A furious carer has branded council workers 'ignorant' and claims they are repeatedly parking illegally in disabled spaces.

Van parked.
Van parked.

Kerry Addison said Sheffield Council staff frequently take up three disabled spaces in a car park at Dover Street, Netherthorpe, which causes inconvenience for people with mobility issues who really need them.

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The 45-year-old cares for an elderly lady with vision problems and said it causes difficulty for them when these spaces are full as they have to walk longer distances back to her car when they are going on outings.

The Southey Green woman snapped a picture of a council van she claims was parked illegally and shared it with the Sheffield Star to highlight the issue.

She said: "The spaces have all been taken up recently meaning I have to park three to four times further away from the lady's home.

"It is very difficult when I am trying to guide her with one hand and am carrying shopping bags in the other.

"It is just ignorant. They should know better, they think they can park wherever they want."

She added that it has been a problem for years but has gotten particularly worse in recent weeks.

Said Kerry: "The council has been doing some work in the area to re-paint railings and tidy up street planters, and they always park there.

"There aren't any blue badges for disabled people in the vehicles so they should not be parking there."

She added that she has complained to parking wardens about the issue on numerous occasions but has "never seen them issue any fines" and called on council workers to stop parking illegally.

Sheffield Council has been contacted for comment and we are waiting for a reply.