Funnily, I’m not laughing

Funny girl: Miranda
Funny girl: Miranda
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Miranda Hart... Is everyone laughing but me?

I don’t get her; just can’t watch the show for longer than a few minutes.

Believe me, I’ve tried. After all, in real life, she’s smart... a great actress... naturally witty.

She is officially funny, too; she’s the reigning Queen of Comedy. Millions and millions find her hilarious, so why is it that for the life of me I cannot join their midst?

I’m left trying to analyse what on earth is wrong with me. (It can’t be her; it’s got to be me. Heck, now I’m beginning to sound like her..)

My only conclusion thus far? She’s a giant, female Norman Wisdom; his gawky, gangly awkwardness always made me cringe.

In Amazonian form, it’s way too close to all the things I didn’t want to be as a too-tall, boyfriendless geek of an adolescent.

She is my teenage nightmare, incarnate.