Fundraising campaign launched to help pay for roof repairs at Sheffield school

Pupils at Greystones Primary take part in a fun run to raise money for roof repairs
Pupils at Greystones Primary take part in a fun run to raise money for roof repairs
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Teachers and families from Greystones Primary School have embarked on a fundraising challenge to raised thousands of pounds to pay for essential repairs to its roof.

They have launched a the Raise the Roof campaign to help raise some of the £100,000 needed to repair the roofs on the school’s two buildings.

The school, rather than Sheffield Council, is responsible for the repair, maintanence and replacement of the roof and pay for this from its general budget.

More than 20 amateur runners, including headteacher Chris Jennings, will run the the Sheffield Half Marathon on Sunday to raise money for the campaign.

Sophie Milner, who has spearheaded the launch of the campaign and has two children in the school, said “Our campaign is very simple. The roof of our main school hall leaks during heavy rain.

“The hall is also large and could benefit from a professional sound system. Understandably the staff are reluctant to install this equipment if it could be damaged by water.

“Most importantly, if we can raise money to fix the roof more school funds can be spent on teachers, books and equipment.

“We have huge pride in our school and our campaign is about showing what we can achieve when we work towards a common goal. Together we can literally Raise the Roof”.

Pupils have also got involved in the fundraising efforts. Last weekend they took part in a sponsored fund run around the school’s playground.

Further fundraising activities are planned for later in the year.

Ms Milner added: “We know we need to raise thousands to make a difference by paying for immediate repairs.

“A rough estimate is that it would take £100,000 to replace the entire roof but we are realistic that fundraising will not raise the full amount.

“Our focus is to continue to raise awareness and organise fundraising activities to help the school where we can.

“We could sit at home and complain about the state of school funding or we could do something about it. This is all about having pride in our school and pride in Sheffield. We hope as many people as possible will cheer us on."

Mr Jennings was delighted the whole school community is coming together to raise funds.

“Schools across the country are working with limited and ever more stretched budgets,” he said.

“Parents are really beginning to understand the pressures that schools, especially this one, face with their budgets and the difficult decisions that need to be made when prioritising spending.

“There is no way we can fund the repairs without impacting on how much we spend on teachers, books and equipment.

“We are trying to be positive and with the amazing help of our parents we are hoping to raise a significant amount of money to put towards the repair of our roof which will mean that we can focus our spending on giving the children the best possible education.”

The Raise the Roof campaign has launched a fundraising page on the school’s website