Fundraisers set for 67-mile walk for Doncaster cancer victim

Matthew Bolton is facing a cancer battle. (Photo: GoFundMe).Matthew Bolton is facing a cancer battle. (Photo: GoFundMe).
Matthew Bolton is facing a cancer battle. (Photo: GoFundMe).
Big-hearted fundraisers are set to walk a gruelling 67 miles for a Doncaster cancer victim.

Matthew Bolton was diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus before Christmas and has lost a staggering six stones since September.

Now fundraisers are to walk to Bolton in Lancashire's - the town that share's Matthew's surname in their #ToBoltonforBolton fundraising drive.

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A fundraising drive to collect £6,000 has already drawn in £4,900.

A campaign spokesman said: "A few days before Christmas our friend, Matthew Bolton was diagnosed with oesophagus cancer.

"Matthew is in a lot of pain and can barely eat, he has lost a staggering six stones since September.

"Matthew is extremely tired and since his diagnosis he's already had six blood transfusions. Chemo is due to start in the next few weeks and later in the year he will under go a seven hour operation to remove the tumour."

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The cancer diagnosis is the latest in a long line of tragedies for the family.

A statement on the campaign's GoFundMe page said: "If any of you know Matthew then you'll know that life has been extremely hard for him and his partner in the last few years.

"Three years ago Matthew and his partner sadly lost their baby boy at 42 weeks, no explanation was ever given.

"A year after their loss they welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world. However, their daughter had been diagnosed with Spina Bifida and was told she would have no quality of life. Beau proves the doctors wrong every single day but at two years old she has already had seven operations.

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"Whilst Matthew remains to have a positive attitude about his diagnosis, he can't help but stress about the financial pressures he and his partner will now face."

To help, Matthew's friends have decided to endure a grueling 67 mile walk to Bolton for Bolton.

The walk will take place on March 10 starting from the Game Cock Pub in Harworth and finish at the Town Hall in Bolton.

You can donate to the campaign HERE