Funding needed to restore dilapidated water trough

Worrall Environmental Group meeting
Worrall Environmental Group meeting
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An environmental group is working to restore an rare village water trough dating back to before the First World War.

The Worrall Environmental Group (WEG) is hoping to secure funding to bring the old trough halfway between the top of Walshaw Road and The Asplands on Boggard Lane back to its’ former glory.

Worrall Environmental Group has been carrying out work on the historic water trough

Worrall Environmental Group has been carrying out work on the historic water trough

At the groups last meeting Claire Watts, an officer of the Sheffield Lakeland Landscape Partnership, spoke to the WEG members about the Partnership’s work and outlined future possibilities for grant aid for projects.

Top of WEG’s list of projects is the restoration of an old the dilapidated rare washing trough.

WEG member Michael Smith said: “This is no ordinary animal drinking trough but a much rarer type certainly dating from start of the 19th century or perhaps centuries before.

“This type of trough was for washing clothes and perhaps young children. Though the group has cleaned out the trough a number of times it is in a poor state because the drainage is blocked and the surrounding wall, gate and fences are in disrepair giving farm animals access to the water.

“Encouragingly, the landowners already support the idea of restoring the washing trough. The Group now needs to firm up the plans and see if we can secure funding to save this washing trough for future generations to see and consider what rural life was like before plumbed water let alone washing machines.”

The WEG is primarily concerned with aspects of the village of an environmental nature and the group also carries out work to ensure that the village remains unspoiled.

In recent years the group has installed flower tubs around the village, provided five village entrance signs, maintained the village troughs and organised clean-up days.

The group hold meetings six to eight times a year and new members are always welcome.

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