The Full Monty turns 20: 'I became known as number nine' and other readers' tales

We asked readers to share their memories of The Full Monty with us and we had a great response.

Sunday, 27th August 2017, 6:03 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:32 pm
Ian Downing in the garden of his home in Greystones, which featured in The Full Monty

Thanks to everyone who got in touch with their recollections of being extras, meeting the cast and watching filming take place 20 years ago.

Here's a selection of the best stories we received.

Liesl Lawrence (left) as an extra in The Full Monty

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Fee Womersley told how her small part in the play earned her a nickname for life.

"I was on set for three days. I played the girl who walked across the park and Gaz scored me a nine out of 10. I became known as number nine," she said.

Natalie Pearson was among the women gathered to watch the cast strip off at Shiregreen Working Men's Club.

"I have great memories. It's something that will stay with me forever, watching those men who were probably terrified," she said.

Liesl Lawrence (left) as an extra in The Full Monty

"I didn't actually expect them to go through with the full monty. They were truly brave men being in a room full of Sheffield women."

Liesl Lawrence was also there that day and recalled being paid £40 out of a suitcase for being an extra.

Susan Green was another of the extras for that climactic scene, and she returned earlier this year to watch brave celebrities including Harry Judd and Wayne Sleep reprise the routine for

ITV documentary The Real Full Monty. "A good time was had by all and we had some lovely food too," she recalled.

Lindy Hinchcliffe said: "I was working on reception at the Asda one evening and had to sign a lot of the cast & crew into the building.

"One of the producers told me to look out for the film as it was going to be big. I was also pregnant at the time and he told me I was having a girl. He was right on both counts."

Cloé Ingall said: "I was in the bar scene where the boy was drinking all the beer. I'm in the background and in the strip scene but blink and you miss me! I loved every minute and they were fully naked at the end!"

Bob Goldmsith recalled how several secenes were shot at the Sanderson Kayser steelworks, on Newhall Road, where he was employed at the time, during the firm's summer shut-down.

And Craig Lee commented: "Great film and the best Sheffield accent I've ever heard from a non-resident by Robert Carlyle. Always reminds me of home and what a great city we've got!"

Ian Downing may not have made the film, but his backyard in Huntingtower Road, Greystones, did.

That, explains the 77-year-old former exporter, is where Guy and Lomper steal washing from the line to preserve their modesty after hurdling a garden wall in their undies.

He says the crew offered to let him keep the clothes, purchased from a nearby charity shop, but he politely declined their offer.

It is not his biggest claim to fame. In 2015, he was given the honour of receiving Maundy money from the Queen when she visited Sheffield, in recognition of his services to the church.