FULL LIST of candidates standing in the 2018 Sheffield City Council elections

The candidates for this year's Sheffield City Council elections have been announced.

Sunday, 8th April 2018, 6:03 pm
Updated Sunday, 8th April 2018, 6:11 pm
Sheffield will go to the polls on May 3

One councillor in each of the 28 wards will be elected when Sheffield goes to the polls on May 3.

The Labour Party, The Liberal Democrats, The Conservative Party and the Green Party are all standing candidates in all of Sheffield's 28 wards.

While The UK Independence Party are standing candidates in nine wards, the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition are standing six candidates, The Yorkshire Party are standing three, The Democrats and Veterans Party are standing two, The Women's Equality are standing in a single election and there is also one independent candidate.

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The full list of candidates is as follows:

- Arbouthorne

Shelley Walsh - Liberal Democrats

Jack Scott - Labour

Richard Blyth - Conservative

Jennyfer Barnard - The Green Party

Liz Morton - The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

- Beauchief and Greenhill

Simon Clement-Jones - Liberal Democrats

Julie Gledhill - Labour

Claire Lord - Conservative

Graham Marsden - The Green Party

- Beighton

Bob McCann - Liberal Democrats

Chris Rosling-Josephs - Labour

Shirley Clayton - Conservative

Anthony Naylor - The Green Party

Brian Grundhill - UKIP

- Birley

Kevin Oxley - Liberal Democrats

Karen McGowan - Labour

Michael Barge - Conservative

Ruth Mersereau - The Green Party

Anthony Cronshaw - Independent

- Broomhill and Sharrow Vale

Barbara Masters - Liberal Democrats

Janet Ridler - Labour Party

Kaltum Rivers - Green Party

Laurence Smith - Conservative

- Burngreave

Shelley Cockayne - Liberal Democrats

Mark Jones - Labour Party

Chris Sissons - Green Party

Stephen Toone - Conservative

- City

Hatau Mozayen - Conservative

Martin Phillips - Green Party

Beverley Thomas - Labour Party

Julia Wiright - Liberal Democrats

- Crookes & Crosspool

Alexandra Boman-Flavell - Conservative

Craig Gamble-Pugh - Labour and Co-operative Party

Mohammed Mahroof - Liberal Democrats

Theo Routh - Green Party

- Darnall

Joydu​ Al-Mahfuz - Green Party

Kurtis Crossland - Liberal Democrats

Zahira Naz - Labour Party

Dean O'Brien - Conservative

- Dore and Totley

David Applebaum - Green Party

Lesley Blyth - Conservative

Lee Rock - Labour Party

Martin Smith - Liberal Democrats

- East Ecclesfield

Adam Allcroft - Conservative

Victoria Bowden - Liberal Democrats

Dennise Dawson - UK Independence Party

Kaye Horsfield - Green Party

Moya O'Rourke - Labour Party

- Ecclesall

Pat Barnsley - Conservative

Jason Leman - Green Party

John Lowcock - Democrats and Veterans Party

Shaffaq Mohammed - Liberal Democrats

- Firth Park

Samuel Bray - Conservative

Ann Kingdom - Liberal Democrats

Amy Mack - Green Party

Abtisam Mohammed - Labour Party

- Fulwood

Judy Burkinshaw - Conservative

Dominic Ridler - Labour Party

Judith Rutnam - Green Party

Cliff Woodcraft - Liberal Democrats

- Gleadless Valley

John Dryden - Liberal Democrats

Keith Endean - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Marv Hollingworth - UK Independence Party

Cate McDonald - Labour Party

Matthew Rowland - Conservative

Paul Turpin - Green Party

- Graves Park

Steve Ayris - Liberal Democrats

Angela Clemson - Green Party

Mark Finney - Conservative

Mark Seddon - Labour Party

John Thurley - Democrats and Veterans Party

- Hillsborough

Christine Gilligan Kubo - Green Party

Jonathan Harston - Liberal Democrats

Connor Innes - Conservatives

Roan James - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Josie Paszek - Labour Party

Karen Waddicar - UK Independence Party

- Manor Castle

Jack Carrington - The Yorkshire Party

Terry Fox - Labour Party

David Gregg - Liberal Democrats

Malcolm Liles - Green Party

Thomas Ridgway - Conservative

Alistair Tice - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

- Mosborough

Gail Smith - Liberal Democrats

Andrew Taylor - Conservative

Julie White - Green Party

Adam Wood - UK Independence

Sarah Young - Labour Party

- Nether Edge & Sharrow

Joseph Busby - Conservative

Kyle Crossland - Liberal Democrats

Nadia Jama - Labour Party

Jeffrey Shaw - UK Independence Party

Alison Teal - Green Party

- Richmond

David Chapman - Liberal Democrats

Benjamin Dugher - Conservative

Catherine Hartley - Green Party

Peter Rippon - Labour Party

- Shiregreen and Brightside

Tracy Booker - UK Independence Party

Edward Davey - Conservative

Alex Eagle - Liberal Democrats

Milton Pennefather - Green Party

Garry Weatherall - Labour Party

- Southey

Charles Blatt - Conservative

Philip Brown - Liberal Democrats

Jayne Dunn - Labour Party

Andrew Hards - Green Party

Shane Harper - UK Independence Party

Jeremy Short - Trade Union and Socialist Coalition

- Stannington

Miriam Cates - Conservative

Stewart Kemp - Green Party

Vickie Priestley - Liberal Democrats

Joshua Wilson - Labour Party

- Stocksbridge & Upper Don

Andrew Brooker - Conservative

Francyne Johnson - Labour Party

Tim Lewis - Liberal Democrats

William Pitt - The Yorkshire Party

Graeme Waddicar - UK Independence Party

David Willington - Green Party

- Walkley

Rebecca Atkinson - Liberal Democrats

Jack Bannan - The Yorkshire Party

Ann Butler - Women's Equality Party

Matthew Fender - Conservative

Neale Gibson - Labour and Co-operative Party

Bernard Little - Green Party

Victoria Wainwright - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

- West Ecclesfield

Mike Lewery - Liberal Democrats

Kevin Mahoney - Conservative

Dave Ogle - Independent

Jemima Perry - Green Party

Zoe Sykes - Labour Party

- Woodhouse

William Blyth - Conservative

John Grant - Green Party

Chris Tosseano - Liberal Democrats

Paul Wood - Labour Party