Frustrated by city junction

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motorists are frustrated and annoyed that the Furnival Gate/Pinstone Street junction is to stay as it is.

The city centre is already bad with one-way streets and bus gates (some with no buses or just a few per hour). The decision to leave the junction as it is will cause more misery and delays for all road users except pedestrians.

Motorists should be allowed to go straight from Charter Square to Furnival Square and a right turn for buses.This would improve bus journeys and delays will be decreased for motorists.

Most buses take the detour via High Street and Pinstone Street to bottom of The Moor. It would be more direct to go via Arundel Gate and Furnival Gate.

Most customers travel by car to the city centre and if there are delays because of the one-way junction, they’ll do their shopping elsewhere.

As for pedestrians, it is easier and safer to use an underpass to cross the road, such as those on Arundel Gate, Bramall Lane roundabout, Moore Street roundabout and Charter Square. There used to be one on Furnival Square and Furnival Gate.

Why were they removed? They are easier for pedestrians and safer with CCTV and lighting, rather than wait for a green man to appear.

Frustrated motorist, S2

Why all the debt?

I TAKE no issue with the appointment and hope Danny Wilson is successful. But why is the football side heavily in debt? Weren’t successful commercial ventures set up long ago to supplement the footballing activities?

Mr Oxby, Greenland Drive, S9