From phew to brrr ... what a difference a year makes!

Rain, rain, go away!
Rain, rain, go away!
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We all know our climate is as changeable as the opposition cabinet.

But South Yorkshire's heat wave this time last year is a far cry from current wet, windy and downright wrong weather.

Sheffield summer fun revisited

Sheffield summer fun revisited

Far from flaming June sees storm clouds and lashing rain whereas we were reporting on - and rejoicing in - flag-cracking sizzler of a summer 12 months ago.

Our coverage confirmed Tuesday June 30 was hottest day of 2015 when mercury nudged 29c ... only to be topped the next day when temperatures topped 32c.

Sheffield's hottest ever recorded July, collated by Museums Sheffield Weston Park Weather Station, seems a world away from today's June gloom.

So roll on a repeat of those halcyon days - when the city also suffered least rainfall for more than two decades - so sun-lovers can again splash on the sun cream and splash out on ice cream.

But this afternoon and evening's forecast suggests we shouldn't hold our breath ... but still our brollies!