This friendly tabby cat is looking for a new owner in Sheffield to make a fuss of her

This tabby cat is looking for someone to make a fuss of her after her previous owner passed away.

Saturday, 18th May 2019, 10:59 am
Tabby and white cat Crystal is looking for a place to spend her retirement in Sheffield, after her owner sadly passed away.

Crystal, who is nine-years-old, came in to RSPCA South Yorkshire Animal Centre last month.

Her owner had registered her for the RSPCA’s Home for Life scheme, which means that if an owner passes away, the charity will care for them and and try to find them a new loving home that they deserve.

Jane Tyson, a pet welfare specialist from the RSPCA, said: “Looking after a pet means loving and caring for them, for life, and it can also mean making plans for them in the event of our death, like Crystal’s owner sensibly did.

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“Just as things like moving house can be stressful for us, going to a new home can also be stressful for our pets. However, we work very hard to make sure animals find an owner who suits them and are on hand to help with advice and support.

“One of the best parts of working for the RSPCA is knowing an animal has been re-homed and seeing the joy they bring into their new owners life.”

Crystal, a tabby and white cat, is very friendly and enjoys a fuss and a good groom.

She would prefer to be the only pet so she can have her new owner all to herself, and she would also prefer to live in an adult-only household.

Crystal loves sitting and watching the world go by. She will probably spend more time inside and is looking for owners who will be around for a good portion of the day.

To re-home Crystal and give her a second chance at happiness contact the RSPCA South Yorkshire Animal Centre on 01302 719790.