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Terry Palmer is concerned (June 22) about the UK providing £814 million for vaccinations for children in developing countries.

Terry Palmer is concerned (June 22) about the UK providing £814 million for vaccinations for children in developing countries.

Over the years, we’ve benefited from an excellent vaccination programme for our children, preventing, reducing or eradicating many diseases. Vaccination is an effective means of prevention, bringing significant savings in health care costs.

This investment in overseas vaccination programmes would enable a child to be vaccinated every two minutes over five years, resulting in considerable reduction in diseases common in these countries. This would free up funds in these countries to deal with other health care issues. In turn the requirement for overseas aid for these countries would be reduced.

Some time ago the UN set a target to developed countries of 0.7% of Gross National Product to be allocated to overseas aid. To my knowledge the only countries to have achieved this are Denmark and Holland.

This is an admirable way of improving quality of life for children.

Ian Baillie

A great school

What a treat to watch Mundella School’s African Parade. Thanks to all who helped in providing us with this colourful morning. The singing and dancing brought a tear to the eye.

B Holmes, Harvey Clough Rd S8

Trees made this danger junction

The tragic death of Thomas Bradley highlights yet again how dangerous is the junction of Rivelin Valley Road and Rails Road.

To cross over Rivelin Valley Road it is necessary to pull out over three-quarters of a lane to ensure nothing is coming, due to the large trees lining the road.

As the years have passed and the girth of the trees has increased so the junction has become more dangerous.

Sheffield City Council says that it is not dangerous. I don’t suppose the family of Thomas Bradley agree.

Sue Thompson

Insurance help

MANY thanks for printing my letter about my appliance insurance problems with Homeserve. Also thank you to Homeserve for responding and getting the problems resolved quickly and efficiently.

Joan Moody

Why so costly?

Apparently we can all save money on everything from train fares and holidays to gas and electric, even home and car insurance, by contacting the multitude of online companies advertised on TV. If this is so, shouldn’t someone in authority investigate why these services are so costly in the first place?

Alan Parkin