‘Freedom ride’ against cuts enters fifth week

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Protesters campaigning against travel pass cuts rounded a police blockade to travel on trains without paying.

The fifth ‘freedom ride’ saw Barnsley Retirees Action Group travel from the town by train en masse in protest at cuts to travel passes which have seen free train travel for elderly and disabled people.

Tosh Macdonald, Vice President of Aslef, said “Since this cruel and heartless unelected government has come to power we have seen the youth take to the streets in direct action and now pensioners and disabled people taking to the trains with direct action.”

Unite Community northern regional organiser Joe Rollin added: “The protesters staged a rally, then they outsmarted police by disappearing and emerging on the platform opposite, boarding a train and heading north instead of south.

“It was hilarious.”

The next freedom ride from Barnsley will be on May 7, starting at Barnsley railway station at 11am.

The action group’s Tony Nuttall said: “We can win this campaign. We urge all older and disabled people to get on board. Support from younger people, trade unions and other groups is welcome. A victory for one is a victory for all.”