Freedom of information: Council £3m temp bill

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More than 100 temporary senior staff paid up to £75 an hour were employed by Sheffield Council in the last four years, new figures show.

The highest overall earner was a ‘locality improvement strategic lead’ who was paid £153,620.40 in 12 months.

The total amount spent on temporary senior staffing topped £3m from 2010-2014.

Data uncovered through The Star’s Your Right To Know campaign showed the top hourly rate of £75 was also paid to two people filling ‘interim ad hoc roles’ in a three-month period.

Julie Toner, director of human resources, said the role of locality improvement strategic lead was to drive ‘ongoing improvement for 134 primary schools across the city.’

She said: “These posts tend to be filled by experienced professionals with successful improvement backgrounds and often tend to be experienced headteachers.

“Due to the nature of the people required to fill these posts, it was necessary to make interim appointments, but it is intended that these posts will end by July.

“Interim staff are employed for a set period of time in a senior post undertaking a specified role where a specific set of skills are required that are not readily available within the council.”

In total, 104 people paid a daily rate of more than £200 were hired by the authority between January 2010 and February this year.

A total of £3,152,908 was paid to interim staff.

Ms Toner added: “We do closely monitor the level of expenditure and ensure the combined pay for interim and agency staff remains at less than five per cent of the total pay bill.”

The lowest hourly rate listed in the date was £30 an hour, paid to interim lawyers.

Other job roles were business analysts, ICT programme managers, solution architects and lead headteachers – who earned £40 an hour – as well as an interim director of integration and ‘customer service workstream lead’.

An early years’ review lead, involved in the rethink of early years’ services, was paid £50.80 an hour for 13 months – £104,224.00.