Free rides and lottery tickets for Sheffield bus passengers

Passengers got a surprise on their morning commute '“ when a gold bus picked them up and butler dished-out free rides and lottery tickets.

Tuesday, 24th May 2016, 4:27 pm
Updated Tuesday, 24th May 2016, 10:04 pm
Lottery Bus hits a Sheffield route

The National Lottery put one the ‘millionaires bus’ to mark Sheffield being the luckiest place in North England for winners, with 19 millionaires made in the last two years alone.

According to a lottery spokesman, since its beginnings in 1994 there has been 91 millionaires made in the city – more than one every three months.

Lottery Bus hits a Sheffield route

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To celebrate, bus passengers were given a taste of the millionaire lifestyle.

Travellers were greeted by butler Chris on the luxurious x17 Stagecoach bus between Sheffield and Matlock, who paid for their travel, shined their shoes, fanned them down, gave them gold cushions – and even dished-out free lottery tickets.

Passenger Andy Shallice, 62, said: “I can’t believe so many winners have been made in Sheffield. But I can believe they’ve all stayed here as it’s a fine city to live. I’m not feeling very lucky about my ticket, though. I never win anything.”

Hillsborough College student Rachel Edwards, 17, said: “It’s all very funny, not your typical bus ride. The butler’s great. I’m hopeful my ticket is a winner, but I’m not counting on it.”

Lottery Bus hits a Sheffield route

Anne, 75, said: “I was not expecting this when I got on the bus. Butler Chris is great, he is very handsome.”

Andy Carter, of The National Lottery, said: “Since the launch of The National Lottery a stunning 91 millionaires have been made in Sheffield. On top of that 839 major cash prizes of at least £50,000 have been banked by players in the S postcode.”

Lottery Bus hits a Sheffield route
Lottery Bus hits a Sheffield route