Free men’s fitness sessions in Sheffield

Men Experience week in Sheffield
Men Experience week in Sheffield
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A Sheffield bootcamp is offering a free week-long Men’s Experience, for men in the city who fancy getting in shape.

The ‘experience’ - which includes a series of training session, coupled with nutritional advice - will launch on Monday, to mark the start of Men’s Health Week.

Fitness trainer Radek Kalas, who runs Body Transformer Bootcamp in Meersbrook, said that, too often, people don’t address issues with their health until there’s a problem, and he hopes to encourage men across the city to start prioritising their fitness.

He told The Star: “It’s 2015 but some attitudes to men’s health are straight out of the 19th century. Men still feel uncomfortable talking about their health.

“Around 67 per cent of men in this country are overweight or obese. We know that men are more likely to smoke, eat too much salt and red meat, too little fruit and vegetables and drink more alcohol.

“As a result, men are twice as likely to have liver disease, have a 37 per cent higher chance of dying from cancer and 75 per cent of all heart attacks fatalities are men. The time to act and change these statistic is now and we want to give men in Sheffield all the help we can.”

Sessions next week will be held in Meersbrook and at Meadowhead School - and will include a combination of boxing, athletics and resistance training.

Radek added: “The first week is always significant for people - they’ll hurt, but they’ll feel really good and learn a lot too. I hope we’ll inspire some people to continue with their health and fitness journey once the week is over.

To book a free place on next week’s Men Experience, contact Radek by visiting